Friday, January 27, 2012

~ A New Year ~

I am so glad it's a new year :)  It's going to be a good one!! I hope to finish things up around here and hopefully move in about a year and a half or so.  Such an exciting time for us!  There is so much to do and think about. Wow!

The kids are doing good; counseling is going well.  I'm doing good, of course we all still have our moments, but that is not unexpected.  

Baseball try outs are coming up for my bud.  We have to get him a new glove and start practicing! I can't wait to see him out on that field.  He makes me so proud.

My girl got some transitions glasses the other day.  She's so beautiful and we can't wait until the sun makes an appearance so we can actually try these bad boys out! Let's just hope these last longer than the previous ones.

I'm incredibly grateful for the beautiful weather we have been having.  It makes my days :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I dont understand drama.  I have no need for it, or no use. for it.  I dont have drama in my family and most certainly not with my true friends.  I dont understand some peoples need for drama and secrets.  Things with family are supposed to be shared, not kept in little secrets that only certain people get to know about.  In my family, family is family, whether your there by blood or by association. It doesnt make a difference.  So Im sorry if I dont understand this, or get it right all the time.  Im not used to all this shit.  I am sorry for trying and I can guarantee that I wont be trying anymore.  Ok, that's a lie, I will still try because I love my kids and family actually means something to me, but it will be at a bare minimum. 

This is such bullshit and I am tired of it already. Why do people have to be such assholes. Why do people have to be so fake.  If you dont like me dont effn act like you do. It's that simple.  I guess I am slowly being phased out even more now.  Im glad everyone is all sunshine and rainbows now and I will just move on and forget that any one else exists except for the people who I know truely love me.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Poem

I've been thinking about what to write and I just can't seem to think of the right words.  I only got to know you for 14 years, but I'm so glad you came in to my life.  We sure had some rocky times, but we also had some great times.  We had two beautiful kids together and they love you so much.  Your daughter sent me a text the other night and told me she's broken.  I can't imagine the pain she is going through.  I can only hope that you will be there for her and comfort her as she is dealing with this pain.  Her signature on her phone is Daddys girl.  She misses you so much.  I never imagined you would leave this life so quickly, it's always been my worst fear.  I used to voice this to you and you would laugh.  I'm glad we didn't end up as one of those ex couples that hated each other.  I'm glad that I could talk to you as a friend and vice versa. I'm glad that it was never uncomfortable between us and that no matter how much we argued (or I yelled) after a few days everything was okay again.  I can't stop looking at your pics and reading the news.  I just can't believe you are gone.  It's just not supposed to happen this way.  I could probably go on forever, but I'm going to end with a poem that I found.

You never gave up

And always stood tall

You were a great example 

Set for us all

An up beat attitude

With a constant smile

We were all are blessed to know you

If only for a little while

You will be truly missed

But we know you're in a better place

Out of the pain

And into gods grace

You were the bravest person 
I ever knew

If I ever needed help 
I could always look to you
You lit up our lives 

With your kindness and grace

And we will never forget 

Your beautiful face....

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I signed up for this Shrinkvivor and I think it will be okay.  I'm excited to see where it goes and what changes will happen over the next few weeks.  

Saturday, September 24, 2011

missing movies........

This is more just for me.......I have a list of movies that are missing aka borrowed and never returned (i'm sure a few are actually lost), but since I am a disorganized mess, it seems the only thing that I don't lose, is my computer.  So I am going to keep track of them here.

In fact, I know I have seen a few of these floating around my house recently....grrrr.  I will find them!

Saving Private Ryan
Joy Ride
Whole Nine Yards
Black Hawk Down
Beyond Borders
Wedding Crashers
Dawn of the Dead
Final Destination
Mr & Mrs Smith
Harold & Kumar
40yr old virgin
Fast & Furious
2 Fast 2 Furious
Legally Blonde 2
Charlies Angels
Mr Brooks
Secondhand Lions
The Ultimate Gift
Mission Impossible III
Hostel 2
Neverending Story 2
Spongebob Movie
Babys Day Out
Mean Girls
Little Man
Open Season
Shaggy Dog
Mr Magorium Wonder Emporium 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I had the weirdest dream last night.  In fact, I have been having a lot of weird dreams.  

So I was on the way to Iran with my mother and all of our small children (4).  My two have never flew, so I was excited for them.  The pilot seemed to have issues with flying; taking off straight up, coming down straight down. But it was a fairly easy flight. Then came time for the landing.  I was pretty excited because landing is one of my favorite parts.  Well, we headed straight down and I just knew we weren't going to make it, but there was never any fear what so ever.  The pilot then tried to land the plane on a sort of helicopter pad looking thing.  It sort of looked like a dock, with water all around.  So we land and the plane is sliding everywhere (ya know cause planes need a runway!).  I'm in the back of the plane and then the plane quietly slips in the water and down we go.  It's already filled with water and its black, I can't see or hear, but I still am not scared at all.  I figured that someone would come/we'd be pulled out/the plane would magically fly up again. I decided to just go to sleep, that way if I did die, I wasn't awake anyway.  About two hours pass and I wake up and everyone is gone, so I swim up and end up at a house.  And my whole family is there and everyone is excited to see me.  I couldn't believe they all left me there underwater in the ocean while they swam free.  I remember being very upset with my mother because she got every one out but me. And then I woke up.  It was a really weird dream, but I'm glad it was just that.

Now, I'm off to try to make it to the tire place to get tires!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my little catcher

Jaden was the catcher during todays game. He looked so cute! I should have more pics later. His coach said he did great and he would be thrilled if Jaden wanted to continue. I believe he has found his "spot".

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

baseball season!

Little League officially started this past Saturday. Jaden is on the Pepsi team this year! He did such a great job, I am so proud of him. He makes me so proud :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Just a few pics to add to the Christmas folder. We had a great time opening presents and playing with toys. I am so thankful for my kids. They are my light and I thank God everyday for them! Just look at these smiles! How can you not fall in love with those faces!

And, since my daughter is awesome, she had her Lego City put together in about 90 min.
Hard to believe it started out as a huge pile of blocks!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

We have snow!

But only a little bit, about an inch or so. My cousin, who lives about 45 minutes away, has over 8 inches. So not fair! I could say that I am surprised, but really I am not. Snow is a rarity around here and 1 inch for us is like 8 for others. It would be really cool if we got snow for Christmas, but I'm not pressing my luck.

In other news, my lovely daughter took her annual testing at school last week. I can't remember which test it was, only that it was the testing that's done in the fall, not in the spring :) And I found out that she maxed out the reading portion and tested at a ninth grade level. Isn't that the most awesome news?